Nanay Priscilla Badua is fondly called by her neighbors and other center members as “Nanay Precy”. She is known for her sari-sari store with no name that sells yummy but affordable bread products.

Before she became a TSPI client, she was a dealer of a direct-selling company. She also delivered bread at the Taguig City Hall via installment basis, collecting her payment every 15th and 30th of the month. Then, she started thinking of another source of income with the following criteria:  must be a home-based business, must provide her a regular income, must not require higher educational attainment because she only finished high school, and must be enjoyable at the same time. After contemplating for a number of years and through God’s blessing, she started her sari-sari store business in 2009 selling only softdrinks and bread.

Nanay Precy Badua stands beside her bread products.

Financial difficulties led Nanay Precy to become an entrepreneur.  “Di naman kasi sapat ang kinikita ni mister bilang security guard.  Tapos sabi ko di habang buhay ang trabaho.  Kaya dapat may negosyong pinagkakakitaan (My husband’s salary as a security guard isn’t enough. I also thought a job won’t last a lifetime. That’s why I must have an income-generating business).”

The store of Nanay Precy is not the typical sari-sari store with a window bar and a signage.  Her store has a wooden hump that serves as a partition between the store and the customers. Little by little, she became known for selling delicious and affordable bread.

When she realized that she needed to have enough storage for her stocks, a refrigerator and a weighing scale, Nanay Precy decided to apply for another loan at TSPI. She is now on her 12th loan cycle.

She still gets emotional while describing the challenges she went through after having a sari-sari store. But these challenges are all worth it because for her, being employed has so many uncertainties but having a business will make you financially stable regardless of the amount you earn. It all depends on how you will manage it, she says.

Nanay Precy allots a Php3,000 running capital daily for stock replenishment. Php1,000 is allotted for her e-load business that earns from Php170 to Php200.00 every other day. With careful diligence, she saves her husband’s salary while deducting household expenses from the sales of her sari-sari store.

Even though she is not offering credit, she has many regular customers, some of whom saw an opportunity to earn extra income by re-selling her affordable bread which  she sources from Tipas, Taguig. Her other customers are her direct-selling customers at Camp Bagong Diwa and passers-by. Her store’s location is a blessing to her business, it being in a high traffic area where passers-by go through to reach the main highway of Lower Bicutan.

Her baked goods are Nanay Precy’s pride.  They are not only delicious but also very affordable.   Her bestseller product is a bun with spread which costs only Php5.00 a piece.

Nanay Precy also sells re-packed cooking oil to give way to those who can’t afford to buy one bottle. While her customers are attracted to her well-stocked store, she also pays close attention to the littlest things they need, like needles and thread, letter envelopes, acetone, sharpener, pens, batteries, plastic for ice water, among others.

Everyone in the Badua household has his or her own share in helping in the business. While Nanay Precy goes to SM and Puregold to replenish their stocks, her daughter Joy oversees the store. Her husband goes to Pasig three times a week to order frozen products including onions, tomatoes, and spread in boxes. He also volunteers to pick up the breads from Tipas.

Although Nanay Precy sees a good business opportunity for a water refilling station and LPG business, a limited store space is presently a big hindrance for her but she remains prayerful and optimistic that in God’s time, it will be granted unto her.

Nanay Precy upholds honesty as her primary business advice for those who want to get into business.  “Basta honest ka lang.  Ibigay ang tamang timbang at huwag masyadong malaki ang patong (Just be honest. Give the proper weight and do not put an extremely high profit).”

Ms. Lotis Apat, Taguig 2’s Branch Manager, also mentioned that Nanay Precy is very supportive of her co-members in the center as she inspires them to achieve the same success she experienced in running her store. Ms. Lotis also added that despite her good fortune, Nanay Precy remains humble and ready to help anyone in need especially the new members of her center.  “Nagdadala pa nga siya ng merienda sa kanila kahit marami pa yang ginagawa (She even brings them snacks even though she has many things to do).”

Just like most parents, Nanay Precy’s dream is to see their only child graduate from college. And even after her daughter graduates, Nanay Precy envisions her sari-sari store ‘without a name’ to be passed on to the next generation.

This article was originally written by Maria Gracia P. Gaza, Project Officer, Strategic Research and Planning Services Department.

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