Free Basic Life Insurance Program (BLIP) for 2020 for TSPI MBAI active members

To ensure the security and protection of the family in times of this high-risk situation, TSPI Mutual Benefit Association (TSPI MBAI) provided free Basic Life Insurance Program (BLIP) to all its active members. BLIP is the mandatory life insurance program with a premium of Php240 per annum. It covers the member for a benefit of P10,000, the spouse for Php 5,000 and up to four children below 21 years old for Php 2,500 each. The insurance coverage includes death and accidental death benefits, accidental dismemberment/disablement and total and permanent disability. The provision of free BLIP is also extended to senior citizen members until age 65 and as well as to Balik-TSPI clients.  All active members’ kapamilyas are also qualified for the free BLIP.  The Free BLIP provides an additional Php120 on the active members’ equity value. A total of 215,000 MBAI active members will benefit from the free BLIP for 2020.