Rooted to serve with love and a grateful heart!

Rene E. Cristobal


With great challenges due to the pandemic and beyond, we in TSPI focus our eyes on God’s love and amazing grace, all the time.  We are grounded in our transformation framework that is anchored on loving God and serving others.  This strong foundation enable us to survive crisis. 

Year 2020 magnified the spirit of gratefulness and servanthood in us. The lockdowns laid us within the grace of God to see the many blessings and opportunities to move on and pursue the Kingdom Mission to love our neighbor.  As a Christian non-profit organization, we realized all the more that we are rooted to love and serve others – especially the poor who are affected the most by the pandemic.  In TSPI, we always try every means to reach out to each and every client so we can continuously convey to them the love of God, which is our hope in difficult times.

We are grateful for the Sambayanihan spirit that keeps TSPI motivated and work in fellowship as an organization. “Samba” or worship, is our utmost response to God’s love and blessings. Translated into action, it is putting God first and embracing Christ’s legacy and deeds. “Bayanihan” signifies the community spirit. It is this sense of belongingness that in unity, we are able to demonstrate love and service to others.  Sambayanihan, worshipping God and working together, has enabled TSPI to touch lives throughout the years: 

  • We are moved and grateful to our clients for their good stewardship, resiliency and God-centeredness by embracing the culture of sama-samang responsibilidad. Even faced by their own personal challenges, they not only find ways to make their livelihood thrive but also able to serve other members and the community. Members themselves create livelihood and employment opportunities for others, become collecting agents and micro-insurance coordinators and do their own community outreach to help the needy. 
  • We are touched and thankful to our employees for their dedication to the mission and passion to serve, especially when it is highly called for. Though they have their own fears, they geared up to reach out to clients. They adopted to new technologies, adjusted to new working environment, embraced new responsibilities and equipped themselves with much needed information, more so with prayers and word of God.
  • We are pleased and appreciate our valued partners for wholeheartedly supporting our clients and their communities. In partnership with private and government organizations, as well as networks supporting the microfinance industry, we are enabled to continue serving our clients. In addition to providing access to livelihood programs, TSPI embarks into series of business skills training and health and safety information campaign with support from partners. Likewise, TSPI jointly implements with partners the sambayanihan outreach programs (relief goods and hygiene kit distribution), sustainability and environmental protection programs (urban gardening), and market linkages program for our farmer groups.

Indeed, we believe God can turn everything into blessing. We are humbled and forever grateful, remembering how God continuously paves the way for us to keep our calling to love Him and to serve others.  With a grateful heart, this is our response to the Great Commandments to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:36-39).

Patuloy sa Misyon, Patuloy sa Paglilingkod! Tayong lahat ay tulay sa pag-unlad! Sa Diyos ang Papuri!