Forever Grateful for God’s Everlasting Love!

Atty. Lamberto L. Meer


Gazing back at 2020, absolutely not a typical year, what ultimately transpired was a great experience of God’s everlasting love. Behind all the adverse circumstances is a God whose unconditional love and faithfulness made TSPI not just survive but remain to be a channel of blessings and a bearer of hope for both its employees and clients. It was a year of encountering God’s unfailing love as written in Romans 8:35 “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”

The eruption of Taal Volcano highlighted the start of the year. It was soon followed by the COVID-19 pandemic hit bringing unimaginable impact economically, socially and emotionally to everyone. The strong typhoons did not miss the year causing widespread damage and severe flooding in Metro Manila, Cagayan and Bicol. TSPI, like any other organization, was shaken by all these catastrophes. Yet, believing that the God of love is in full control, TSPI pressed on with its mission and focused on meeting the needs of its people and the communities it serves.

In 2020, as it has been through the years, TSPI anchored its work on the mission of bringing the Good News and hope to the communities.  It started with taking care of the workforce – its committed servants, so they in turn, can take care of the clients. Ensuring that the employees are safe, productively engaged and provided support for financial and emotional needs was a well-defined priority, even in the midst of uncertainties. While some companies had to let go of their people, TSPI was determined not to lose a single employee. Having an intact workforce enabled TSPI to hold “the rope of love and hope” to which its clients can cling to for their survival and recovery. Customer service programs utilizing social media platforms were developed and successfully put in place. TSPI was able to reach out to clients, those doing well and struggling alike. They were provided with opportunities to recover and grow their livelihood while at the same time helping them to be spiritually strong. Unfathomably, God has sustained TSPI with “the rope of love and hope” who is God Himself. 

It is indeed a privilege to join God in what He is doing.  The year has all the more proven the firm foundation and the calling of TSPI. Truly, “nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).  We are forever grateful for God’s everlasting love.  By His grace, we are able to keep and live by our calling – Patuloy sa Misyon, Patuloy sa Paglilingkod!

*visualize people crossing a rampaging river clinging onto a rope