Before engaging in slipper manufacturing, Nanay Jocelyn and her husband worked in a footwear factory. Determined to earn more for their family, the couple started their slipper manufacturing business in 2005. According to Nanay Jocelyn, she realized that it was a good business choice as the industry was growing in their locality.

At the start of the enterprise, Nanay Jocelyn had a weekly sales of Php24,000 with a P2,000 net income. They didn’t have workers then. But as the business grew, the demand for quality slippers increased and so they needed to hire  a number of workers to meet the volume of orders.

All entrepreneurs encounter problems, Nanay Jocelyn was no exception. In 2010, the prices of raw materials, such as adhesive and rubber, increased. Because of  strong competition, she could not increase her selling price. In spite of that, Nanay Jocelyn thought of other ways to lower the cost of her production. She sourced out the raw materials in Manila since she was also delivering her products to a customer in Baclaran twice a week.

To date, the estimated market value of  her business assets is Php193,500. Her business has reached an annual sales of Php18,720,000 and an annual profit of Php2,167,200, providing employment to 31 people. Six of her workers are out of school youth and 24 of them are breadwinners whose only income comes from Nanay Jocelyn’s enterprise.  This way, she helps improve the quality of life of her fellow Filipinos while helping reduce the country’s unemployment rate.

Moreover, Nanay Jocelyn has been helping the community for two years now by paying the weekly dues amounting to Php100 for the garbage disposal in their barangay. She also helps her neighbors in need of financial assistance. “Minsan iyong mga kapitbahay ko na nangangailangan ng tulong pinansyal pumupunta dito. Kahit kakaunti nakakapagbigay ako kasi alam kong walang-wala talaga sila.” (Sometimes, my neighbors would come to me to seek financial help. With even a small amount, I give because I know they don’t really have anything).

With over five years of membership in TSPI, Nanay Jocelyn proudly claims, “Pinagmamalaki ko talaga ang TSPI dahil sa dagdag puhunan na nahiram ko, lumalaki na ang negosyo ko.” (I am really proud of TSPI because of the additional capital I borrowed from them; my business has grown). Nanay Jocelyn was elected as Deputy Center Chief in one of TSPI’s centers in Gapan, and won the Best Entrepreneur of the Year during their Branch ‘Ugnayan’ this year.


Nanay Jocelyn plans to purchase a parcel of land to increase her business space. She has identified a lot up for sale and soon to purchase it in September 2011. Expanding her number of workers is also one of her goals to meet the demands of her clients as well as help her unemployed neighbors.

Nanay Jocelyn’s perseverance and hard work paved the way for her growing micro-enterprise. These values which she has  imbibed to her co-members in TSPI and to her employees are instrumental to her success. And thanks be to God for for allowing TSPI to be of service to women entrepreneurs in the Philippines just like Nanay Jocelyn.

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