Mental Health Awareness Webinar for Employees

TSPI has always been holistic in taking care of both employees and clients. To help employees adapt better to the “new normal”, TSPI produced the “Think Talk”, a Mental Health Awareness Program.  It is a four-week webinar series, which was conducted in October to create awareness about the importance of one’s overall well-being. The practical mental health principles were aligned with biblical principles. All TSPI employees participated in the webinar. “Think Talk” messages and videos were also posted on TSPI Facebook page for two months that reached out to over 3,500 followers.  During the webinars, employees shared their appreciation of the message which reminded and motivated them to decide to be well and take the needed action. 

The practical mental health principles in “Think Talk” was based on the Mental Health Webinar organized by Microfinance Council of the Philippines, Inc. (MCPI) with the topic “Be Gentle with Your Mind” by Dr. Violeta Bautista.  “Think Talk” was also supported by related videos from other groups advocating mental health awareness.

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