In collaboration with Medicard Philippines (TSPI health insurance provider), the Human Resources Group of TSPI is implementing a series of webinars which aims to inform and provide practical guidelines to TSPI on how to keep themselves & their family safe & resilient. 

The lecture series which started this June 2022 and will run until December 2022 will dwell on the following:

  1. Stress, Anxiety or Depression:  Struggles and Coping with Day-to-Day Scenarios
  2. Mental Health Awareness
  3. Work Life Balance
  4. Hypertension Awareness and Prevention
  5. Common Gastrointestinal Issues at Work: GERD, Gastritis and Heartburn
  6. Office Ergonomics
  7. Caring For The Heart
  8. Diabetes Awareness
  9. Kidney Disease Awareness and Prevention
  10. Balance Diet & Right Food
  11. Proportions For A Healthy Lifestyle

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