Hand-holding and keeping the connection with clients and employees

TSPI values connection with its clients and employees. Checking on everyone’s condition was an instant response to the lockdowns through regular “kamustahan” by mobile phones and online platforms. 

Though it appeared restricting from the start, it eventually paved the way for “borderless” connection with its clients and employees through virtual platforms.  The restrictions in face-to-face client center meetings led to a more accessible “just a click away” chat groups and other virtual meeting platforms.  Everyone got used to the terms links, meeting IDs and passcodes to join events. With a much simplified way of organizing gatherings and information sharing through webinars, reaching out to clients and employees became more efficient. TeleMarketing and TeleCollection activities also became effective tools to touch base with clients, including those who withdrew, yet had the need for help, especially for those situated in difficult to reach or restricted areas. “Kamustahan”, as a genuine act of caring has indeed gone a long way.


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