Offering excellent customer service

TSPI established its customer care service system for easy access and quick response to concerns of clients, including prospective and withdrawn clients. It has defined guidelines to ensure quick and proper response within 24 hours or within 5 days for complex concerns from the time the concern/s were communicated.  A Customer Care Service Manager also ensures that these are processed and translated into policy recommendations.

The status of individual concerns is monitored and reported to respective Team Heads on a daily basis. Interested individuals may easily inquire about the programs and services offered by TSPI through chat messages or phone calls especially in the absence of Branch personnel in case of lockdowns. For 2020, around 1600 concerns were received and addressed. It also included some requests for assistance of former employees. Moreover, new clients were recruited to the programs and new centers (group of clients in a community) were formed through the collaboration of the Customer Care Service Officer and the Branches. 


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